Plasmotherapy – the new path to beauty and back to youth

Modern aesthetic medicine is evolving and we cannot afford to lag behind the latest innovations that it introduces to achieve a young, beautiful and fresh look of the face and our whole body. In our office and among our team, there has always been a tendency to keep up with the latest current procedures to offer you to make you not only look better, but also feel more confident. That is why in our portfolio of procedures and services, we already offer plasmotherapy.

Plasmotherapy (Platelet rich plasma, PRP) is one of the latest innovations in aesthetic procedures. Also known by the terms vampire lifting and plasma lifting, the therapy not only shows visible and long-lasting results, but is also extremely harmless, with no contraindications and almost 0% side effects. Let us introduce you in detail to what plasmotherapy can do to your self-esteem.

What is plasmotherapy?

The most characteristic feature of plasmotherapy is that it is performed with the patient’s own cells. That is why many experts still call the procedure cosmetic. For them, it is rather a biological impact on a certain area of the human body with its own material. According to other medical experts, vampire lifting is a real novelty in modern aesthetic medicine, because it is a cell therapy, which corrects imperfections at a cellular level, rather than superficially. But how exactly does plasmotherapy work? Quite simple. To achieve its goals, that is, to correct an imperfection, the specialist uses cells from your own blood. However, specific cells are precisely identifyed, because we are looking for those that are “genetically programmed” to heal wounds. Once a sufficient amount of blood has been collected, it is treated to extract the correct cells, which will then be injected into the treatment area. The procedure is performed with an extremely thin and short needle, and the effect of the injected “bioactive cell cocktail” begins immediately.

PRP therapy – indications

How can PRP therapy help us feel and look more attractive? The truth is that the application of this revolutionary procedure with bioactive materials is really significant. Moreover – personally, in our opinion, it will find more and more room for expression in different therapies and in different types of imperfections on the skin and in our appearance. At this stage, plasma therapy is recommended and has a very beneficial effect on:

  • Fine to medium and even deep lines and wrinkles. In practice, the procedure can be applied to all areas of the face – eye contour, mouth, cheeks, forehead and not only but also on the décolleté and arms.
  • Lifting effect. It has a serious advantage over a number of other aesthetic procedures due to the fact that it achieves the fastest tightening of the facial contour. In addition, after the therapy, there is a significant reduction in the degree of sagging skin.
  • Skin rejuvenation and tightening. As we have already said, it is not necessary to treat only the face with plasma therapy. The procedure with such a desired effect can be applied all over the body.
  • The eye contour and its overall refreshment. Not only will you reduce wrinkles around the eyes, but you can also deal with imperfections such as dark circles, bags, puffiness.
  • Skin pigmentation. Any brown and red spots respond quite well. Even if they are missing, after the procedure there is a visible smoothing of the complexion, including in the presence of red spots and scars from severe acne.
  • The scalp of the head. The goal in this type of plasmotherapy is to reduce hair loss, as well as to improve the structure of the hair by acting from the follicle.
Plasmotherapy – before and after

Is plasmotherapy compatible with other aesthetic procedures?

Plasmotherapy is not only compatible with all types of aesthetic procedures, but in many cases is even performed together with some of them. For example, in practice there is already talk of plasma therapy with hyaluronic acid and vitamins, which in practice is a combination of plasma therapy and mesotherapy. Even if you have recently had Botox or put on dermal fillers, there is no problem to undergo the procedure. Of course, it is imperative that the specialist you choose has experience in this therapy, because it is relatively new, and he should assess the presence of contraindications. As we have already shared, there is no risk of such, but it is possible in the presence of an infection in the blood, the procedure to be refused and not assigned until complete cure of the specific disease.

What results can we expect?

It should be noted that the best results after plasmotherapy will not be noticed immediately, but up to about 3-4 weeks. The reason is that this PRP therapy requires the activation of cells with powerful bioactive agents, which allows it to progress as an effect in the future. On the other hand, maximum results are achieved with more than one procedure. Of course, this is always assessed on the spot and strictly individually according to the desired effects by a specialist. In practice, however, plasma therapy is usually prescribed in about a month, and the optimal number of procedures is up to a maximum of three. However, with mild skin imperfections, it is possible to repeat the procedure only once every six months. On average, the results after the maximum number of procedures – three – are preserved for about a year, and maybe for a longer time.

Plasmotherapy (vampire lifting) – benefits

Apart from being something new, it is a therapy that definitely wins the approval of experts in the field of beauty and biology in general. See some of the most obvious benefits of plasma therapy:

  • Autologous product. Simply put, plasmotherapy is gaining such popularity mainly from the fact that the injected elements are extracted from ourselves, from our body. Thus, the therapy has 0% doubts or suspicion about the quality of the material used and is not accompanied by any concerns about intoxication or allergic reaction. In practice, rejection cannot happen because it involves your genetic material.
  • The effect is quite long lasting. But at the same time, it can be compared to the effect of relatively expensive and quite painful procedures, including plastic surgery and Botox.
  • Plasmotherapy can be applied to anyone. There are no risks here, so there is no reason to refuse both a 20-year-old and a 70-year-old woman to be rejuvenated thanks to their own cells.
  • Universality of the procedure. On the one hand, it can be combined with any other aesthetic procedure, and on the other – it can be applied to different types of skin imperfections.
  • Painless and relatively short procedure. It lasts no more than an hour, including facial cleansing and treatment of the area with local anesthetics to avoid the pain and discomfort during the injection.

If you are open to innovation and looking for perfection, plasma therapy is definitely your therapy. Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment for a consultation with our responsive, always ready to fulfill your wishes and professionally trained team in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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