Mesotherapy – the procedure of youth

Mesotherapy is one of the most popular dermatological procedures lately, which can provide a real solution to a number of imperfections in modern cosmetology. It is also called a dermatological beauty cocktail because it simultaneously achieves several effects in the direction of improving the skin and because its action is due to a unique complex of beneficial ingredients injected directly into the epidermis.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a completely painless procedure with almost no side effects and the need for long-term recovery. The intervention involves the injection of a complex of beneficial ingredients and vitamins pre-specified by the patient and the doctor, which are in the best ratio and concentration depending on the problem and the individual condition of the skin. Usually, the first visible results occur in the first week, and the effect of mesotherapy lasts at least half a year, and in many cases up to two years.

The popularity of the procedure is due on the one hand, its versatile action and the ability to solve a number of problems, not only on the face but also on the body, and even in case of problems such as hair loss, and on the other – its safety.

When should I undergo mesotherapy?

As already mentioned, it is widely used in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Its harmless to the skin and the body complex effect allows patients to solve several skin problems at once. Usually, in our center for aesthetic medicine we recommend mesotherapy in the following cases:

  • Erasing scars, including severe acne, or at least reducing them to the point where they can be masked with makeup
  • For reducing wrinkles, as in the first and finer wrinkles, the procedure can have maximum effect
  • For complete radiance of the skin – even skin tone and dealing with small spots due to sunlight or skin disease
  • For instant beautification with a complex effect – tightening, hydration and general revitalization of the face
  • To deal with hair loss
  • To remove fat and cellulite on the skin
  • For general tightening of withered and sagging skin on both the face and body
Mesotherapy – before and after

What to expect?

The procedure, in addition to being painless, is also extremely fast. It lasts up to half an hour at most, depending on the size of the treated area. No special preparation is required from you before the therapy, as our specialists will clean the skin for 100% sterility before the injection of the vitamin complex. Mesotherapy does not lead to complications or side effects. It leaves no scars and does not require additional care for recovery.

The only side effects would be bruising and slight redness. They subside on their own within a maximum of two days. Keep in mind that unlike Botox, for example, mesotherapy is a multi-stage procedure, i.e. for maximum and satisfactory results, the injections are from 3 to 6 every 1-2 weeks. Our team of professionals will consult you with an individual attitude and will appoint the best plan depending on your problems and expectations!

The secret of guaranteed success after the procedure

Mesotherapy is not a cure, but it gives positive results on residual scars after long-term treatment of acne or measles on the face. In fact, to be precise, outside of aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy is also used as a therapy in general medicine. It is recommended for the treatment of joint, spinal and musculoskeletal diseases. Mesotherapy is neither lifting nor Botox, but it visibly rejuvenates the skin for several years, not only in the direction of removing fine lines and wrinkles, but also as a refreshing procedure for exhausted, dehydrated, damaged from dirty air and severe weather conditions skin.

Mesotherapy is not some magic and it is fair to tell you from now on – it will not work the miracles you hope for – but it will certainly improve facial skin significantly and visibly. The secret of success is simple – it acts differently on different types of skin problems and imperfections, because it uses different types and many substances beneficial for the epidermis. These substances are biologically active and degradable, and in most cases are antioxidants and vitamins. In practice, the substances used depend on the area to be treated and the effect sought. This is the reason why mesotherapy is perceived as a treatment.

In reality, however, the procedure is light, painless and recommended as keeping the skin in good condition, due to the requirement to do it periodically in several courses.

Differences according to the treated area

Mesotherapy is recommended for both face and body. Depending on the area, there are different complexes of nutrients that are injected deep into the epidermis. However, the procedure itself is the same when applied to your body and facial skin. It should be noted here that the minimal discomfort that some patients might experience, in their opinion, occurs mainly during a procedure on the face, because the skin is more sensitive than the skin of your body.

Types of mesotherapy

  • Revitalizing
  • Tightening
  • In case of increased pigmentation
  • Purifying
  • Antioxidant
  • For hair regrowth
  • Facecontour
  • Anti-cellulite


140 BGN per procedure.

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