Dermal fillers – a second chance for your skin and face

Filler placement is an extremely popular and increasingly used dermatological procedure. Its aesthetic effect is noticeable with the first intervention, and the side effects are almost zero. Dermal fillers are an opportunity for a second life not only for your skin, but also for yourself as a person. They are a way to regain self-confidence, to emphasize your natural beauty, to begin to perceive yourself with a smile when looking in the mirror.

What are they?

The word “fillers” comes from the English word “fill”, which literally means to make something fuller. Technically, this is the main function of dermal fillers. They are placed to fill dents in the skin that have appeared as a result of a reduction in subcutaneous fat in the skin with aging, as well as after dermatological problems that have left visible traces. Generally speaking, fillers add volume to places where it is no longer present, and the effect of this is from minimal to deep areas with concave skin. In practice, however, they give much more than filling these areas. As a final result, the application of dermal fillers achieves complete illumination and improvement of the face.

Who are they suitable for?

At our Center for Aesthetic Medicine, we strive to give rise to realistic expectations for each of our patients. We avoid promises of miracles and a complete change of face. Instead, we carefully approach individual desires and fulfill them only if they are achievable and with the right technique.

We usually recommend dermal fillers to correct the following imperfections:

  • For small to medium visible wrinkles.
  • To fill atrophic scars. Usually, with fillers we can reduce the residual traces of severe acne and measles.
  • To sculpt the contour of the face – for the chin, cheekbones, oval face, lower jaw.
  • To increase the volume of the lips.
  • For sunken cheeks in order to restore the natural contour of the face.

A woman's lips before and after receiving filler treatment
Filler for lips – before and after

What you should know?

In modern dermatology there are different types of fillers – synthetic and with bioactive ingredients. The second type is much more reliable and easily absorbed by the skin. Moreover, biodegradable dermal fillers cause side effects significantly less frequently and do not endanger patients’ health. In our studio for aesthetic medicine we rely entirely on modern biodegradable fillers with a high content of hyaluronic acid. The latter has proven properties to retain the amount of water needed for the skin for as long as possible. Thus, the filler also has an additional function for anti-aging prevention. The procedure for applying dermal fillers lasts no more than half an hour, and the recovery period is up to a maximum of 24 hours. After the intervention, a slight redness can be observed, which disappears only within a few hours. Our team will discuss with you the desired end result to give you an expert opinion on the number of procedures you will need.

Keep in mind that the effect of dermal fillers lasts up to half a year. Periodic maintenance is an integral part of the overall plan that we will draw for you and your self-esteem!

Myths and legends

As is often the case with everything popular and commented on among the general public, there are many myths and legends about dermal fillers. However, it is extremely important for us that our patients are well informed or make an informed choice about the appropriate procedure for them. Only in this way together with them we will achieve the desired result on the area we will treat. That is why it is our duty to reveal all the myths and legends about this procedure for rejuvenating, modeling, improving and beautifying the skin:

  • Applying fillers does not hurt at all! In fact, for some women, the procedure is painful. However, this is a type of discomfort that they experience only during the placement of the filler or for several hours after that. Other women claim that they did not feel anything. The ladies in the second group either reported severe anesthesia or simply had a higher pain threshold. It’s all a matter of personal feeling after all. Some people go to the dentist without requiring anesthesia, some women give birth naturally with great pain, and for others the birth is not very painful. The truth is in the middle. One thing is for sure – there is no severe pain during the intervention.
  • Fillers are dangerous and once placed they remain in our body for life. There are both high quality and poor quality fillers. The latter can be dangerous, especially if you have allergies or immune disease. In any case, the effect of the filler lasts for several months and even if you do not like the end result, it will be erased. This in itself explains that the filler is not eternal. It does not stay in your body forever!
  • The filler is suitable only for wrinkles because it has a lifting effect. In fact, they have recently become a very popular method for removing scars on the face, as well as for contouring the facial area without the presence of fine lines. What’s more, let’s not forget that retro silicone lips have now been replaced by the more painless lip fillers with hyaluronic acid.

What should I do before the procedure?

First of all, consider how reliable the specialist who will put the filler is. Contact only medical professionals for this type of aesthetic procedures. This is for your security and a kind of guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end result. Some dermatologists advise before going through a filler or skinbooster to go through the following preparatory procedures – skin check (checking the condition of the skin and identifying its needs), deep cleansing and allergy test.



Pluryal Classic 1 ml330 BGN
Pluryal Volume 1 ml350 BGN
Apriline Normal 1 ml340 BGN
Apriline Forte 1 ml360 BGN
Dermafill Global Xtra 1 ml340 BGN
Dermafill Volume Ultra 1 ml360 BGN
Revolax Fine/Deep/Sub Q с лидокаин 1 ml330 BGN
E. P. T. Q. S500 1.1 ml330 BGN
Restylane Kysse 1 ml480 BGN
Juvederm (Voluma, Volite, Volift) 1 ml490 BGN

Degradation of hyaluronic acid filler – 220 BGN.

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