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Po-krasivi.bg is a place where we have dedicated ourselves to beauty. Here we preach caring for our appearance as a way of self-expression and self-confidence. We do not work for vanity, but for the sake of individual self-perception and the pursuit of perfection. In our personal approach to each individual patient, our goal has never been a complete or unnatural change. Our mission is to hide imperfections, enhance your natural beauty and restore harmony between appearance and the way we perceive ourselves. We believe that everyone carries beauty within themselves. We help you express it with your face by covering up small imperfections and restoring your self-confidence.

We do not create beauty, we accentuate it

Thanks to our many years of practice in the field of aesthetic medicine, we always manage to find the necessary balance and the specific approach to emphasizing the natural beauty in each of our patients. We responsibly appreciate the trust that each of you will show us in order to achieve a significant improvement in your appearance. We do not believe in the intrusive correction of perfections. We aim to maximize the preservation of your personality, combined with visible improvements and reduce the effects of aging and small skin imperfections. We have always preferred to talk about beauty treatments rather than corrections. Because we are of the opinion that everyone is beautiful in their own way and there is no need to be corrected, but simply to emphasize the advantages and hide the defects from the face.

Your skin is in safe hands

We work in the field of aesthetic dermatology with highly qualified medical specialists with the necessary education, practice, experience and individual approach to patients. We work only with the latest generation devices and resort only to technologies that have a minimal painful effect, combined with the most satisfactory end results. We rely heavily on prior consultation, which aims not only to pay attention to our patients, but also to guarantee them realistic expectations. It is important for us to find the best option to improve the appearance of each visitor to our studio. Our mission is to see happiness and a smile on every beautiful face. This is the best price we can get after our diligent and precise work.

You can completely trust our team for aesthetic dermatology, because:

  • Our team includes certified medical professionals with a high degree of knowledge in the field of modern dermatology.
  • We always offer an individual solution for each specific case and, if necessary, we adjust the patient’s wishes in order to achieve the best possible final effect.
  • We handle modern equipment and materials of the highest quality.
  • For us, the hygiene and safety of the patient are the highest form of precise work.
  • We approach the patients with an understanding combined with a high degree of professionalism.

Welcome to our studio for aesthetic medicine to see the beauty on your own face again. 


dr. bianka stancheva
Dr. Bianka Stancheva

Dr. Bianka Stancheva

Graduated from the Medical University of Sofia. Currently works at the Vascular Surgery and Angiology Clinic, National Cardiology Hospital Sofia, Bulgaria. Member of the Bulgarian Society of Vascular Surgery and Angiology.

Passed a professional course for aesthetic procedures with one of the leading dermatologists in Bulgaria. She annually takes part in international conferences on aesthetic dermatology.

Scientific and practical interests:

  • ultrasound diagnosis, prevention and treatment of venous diseases
  • aesthetic phlebology
  • modern minimally invasive methods for the treatment of varicose veins
  • facial aesthetics

Dr. Stancheva successfully combines caring for people’s health with the ability to be more beautiful. She is extremely committed to proper counseling and dealing with patients’ concerns.

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